Privacy Policy - 0cm

0CM.COM, headquartered in Hong Kong, is the provider of services and activities mentioned on the website

Our Privacy Policy adheres to the Privacy Act 1988. We request users to visit this page frequently for updates relating to laws and regulations on the site. Please read the following completely to understand the privacy statement.

1. We assure users that the collection of personal data from them is mandatory and is solely to manage the execution of the users' orders and not for profiling research.

2. The data will not be disclosed to third parties or other organizations that are related to the orders placed with us directly. The data will be disclosed only within the corporate group for official purposes or under exceptional circumstances such as law enforcement purposes.

3. When users create an account with us, they will be required to disclose any or all of these: their name, Address for delivery, E-mail address, Date of Birth, Gender, Contact Number.

4. The data thus collected will be used to deliver the produces ordered from us and/or keep them informed about the delivery status of their order/s and/or give them product information and/or for customer support purposes.

5. The data may also frequently be used to send users promotional and/or marketing materials from which they can opt out at any point of time.

6. Users can update their personal information at any time by logging into their account at

7. Our servers also automatically record computer data sent by the users' browser, when the user visits the website. This includes the type of browser, the IP address of the computer, the pages visited within our Website, the webpage visited before this site, among other statistics. The computer data will be used only to enhance the site's performance and not with any other personal data.

8. To ensure security of users' personal data, we restrict access to it. Unauthorized access is prevented by making use of technology products. When the personal information provided by the users is not required any longer on the records, we destroy the information.

9. We have taken strong security measures to protect the users' personal data. If there is unauthorized access to this information despite all these measures, we cannot guarantee the security of data. For this reason, we advise users to enter information from a secure computer that has resources to protect sensitive data and uses a trusted Internet Provider that offers safety measures for data transmission.

If users have any queries related to the above or if they feel their personal data might have been misused by us, they can send a mail to to get their issue resolved.