How To Win Your #0cm Reward

1. Follow @0cmcom on Instagram

2. Post a new photo with 0cm brands/products on Instagram page

3. Use the hashtag #0cmcom #brands you purchased from 0cm displayed clearly at the beginning of your post

4. Tag 0cm by @0cmcom so that we can see how you are doing

What You Could Win:

If your post achieves 600 likes you'll win USD $50 voucher

If your post achieves 1000 likes you'll win USD $100 voucher

If your post achieves over 1300 likes you'll win USD $150 voucher

How To Collect Your Reward:

Once your post has achieved 600, 1000 or 1300+ likes, take a screenshot (that clearly shows the amount of 'likes' you have accrued) and submit below. Terms and conditions may apply.