The season of candy colours

It is the season when warm breeze kisses your face and birds sing. Flowers bloom and bring the sweetest colours to the greyish, dull world again. Candy colours are undoubtedly the signature of spring– sweet, adorable, feminine, delightful… To echo with this charming season, the following is going to feature our selected fashion outfits in the pleasing candy colours.


Vanilla Chocolate Pure Cape-Style Green Top

This cape top by Vanilla Chocolate represents the spring the best! A flowy cape-style is often the classic piece for the season. The loose top is extraordinarily comfortable as well as stylish and elegant. Featuring the candy green colour, you can mix-n-match with many fashion items for a sophisticated look in this cute cape top.

 Cocobella Split Yellow Skirt

Another cute piece in candy colour! Cocobella’s split skirt has a sense of cuteness in candy yellow. The feminine piece is versatile for matching with styles from sporty to elegant. The design of the split at thigh shows your sexiness subtly too.

Cocobella Full Length Contrasting Zipper Culotte Pink Pants

Culottes are such a huge trend in Europe, America and Japan! Every fashionista is falling in love with culottes for their stylishness and extra comfort. Cocobella’s culotte will hug around your legs warmly and softly. It also drifts elegantly as you walk, bringing the joyful colour of candy pink to streets.