Suit Up in Blue for Summer Streets

Sometimes you may put on a suit over the tee for a casually fancy day. Let’s put the dull-coloured suits temporarily away in the season of colours because blue is the new black now! Energetic, mature or classy – different shades of blue portray diverse feelings to your look.


 Credits: Roger Wong/

The Harry Potter-actor Daniel Radcliffe is a great fan of blue suits which are often seen on him. The styling of matching a stripped tee with the blue suit let Radcliffe look casual and fresh yet decent.


Basique Single-Breasted Navy Jacket

This sleek and versatile navy jacket by Basique incorporates a regular fit design to keep you in style. The chic outerwear featured with notch collar and buttoned cuff embraces your street style with classiness.


Kuegou Two Tone Light Cuff Blue Pants

To match with the navy blue jacket, why not pair with these pants from Kuegou? The dark navy colour echoes with the semi-formal style, allowing one to look mature. Thus the pants are versatile for many styles. The two-toned cuff further improves your look with a contemporary touch.


Herilios Butterfly Bowknot Leather Apricot Loafers with Hollow Details

Desire for an elegant finish? Give yourself a try to these Herilios leather loafers. While the pair comfortably fit on your feet, the design blends the classic detail in. The decorated pattern prettifies the footwear yet not overly fancy.

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