How to Wear Hair Clips as an Adult


Last year we saw the revival of scrunchies. This year has seen the return of another nostalgic hair accessory – the hair clip. Yes, one of your favourite childhood accessories has had a transformation and come back even stronger and better than before. You only have to scroll through your Instagram feed to see hair clips adorning the heads of countless bloggers, influencers and celebrities, from Kendall Jenner and Solange Knowles, to Flex Mami and Zoe Foster-Blake to name a few.

    Square Leopard Hair Clip           Square White Hair Clip


    Square Orange Hair Clip            Waterdrop Green Hair Clip


How to Style Clips Without Looking Like a School Kid
There are countess ways to wear this trend,  incorporate with business casual attire, a chic and feminine outfit or a edgy and cool ensemble. It’s easy to nail this look in seconds. Simply part your hair, choose one side (or both), pull your hair back with clips and voila. Available in a range of fun shapes, sizes, colours, materials and even messages to choose from, hair clips are youthful and playful way to complete any outfit. They are also super handy for sweeping back your hair prior to cleansing or while applying makeup.

    Waterdrop Gold Hair Clip           Fusion Gold Hair Clip


    Waterdrop Silver Hair Clip         Waterdrop Yellow Hair Clip


Clips are perfect for bad hair days, or any day. Jazz up your hair with elegant barrettes and pins. Grow out your fringe. Hold in a bun. Artfully smatter them all over your head. This nostalgic trend is one everyone can get around. Embrace your inner Blair Waldorf and get clipping with our chic hair accessories range from Coen C.

  Clown Face Gold Hair Clip            Clown Face Silver Hair Clip