How to Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams? Do you often find yourself declaring “I have nothing to wear!” – despite having overflowing drawers of hardly worn items and pieces with the tags still on?

If this predicament feels familiar, it may be time to transition to a ‘capsule wardrobe’. This term has recently become a bit of a buzzword in the fashion world, but it was actually coined back in the 1970s. Read on to find out what the concept is all about.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?
A capsule wardrobe is basically a curated collection of really practical and versatile pieces that you love to wear. With a limited number of items (around 30 to 40) that work together seamlessly, you are able to create countless outfits.
In the age of fast fashion and Instagram, many people feel compelled to jump on board the latest trends and are now in the habit of going out and purchasing a whole new outfit for every upcoming event. Narrowing down your wardrobe means breaking free from this mentality so that you start making more intentional purchases. Capsule wardrobes have a big emphasis on timeless and classic pieces, for example a basic, white T-shirt, blazer, leather jacket, a knit jumper, jeans, a pair of sneakers, and pair of boots.

Masoomake Modern Ruffle White Sneakers








Cocobella Quoted Sleeve Black Blazer

Why Less is More
Here’s some reasons why capsule wardrobes are great:

– Save money – no more impulse purchases and you’ll spend less on clothes that only get worn once or twice

– Save time and energy – having a thoughtfully assembled collection of clothes reduces decision fatigue which makes it A LOT easier to get ready in the morning

– Your wardrobe will be more sustainable because you won’t be feeding into fast fashion and everything in there will be something you would actually want to wear

– You will get a better understanding of your own personal style and what works best for you
Where to begin?
Building a capsule wardrobe may seem daunting but at first but it really just starts with taking a long, hard look at what’s in there. Ask yourself some simple questions:
– Have I worn this item in the past year?

– Does it match well with the rest of my clothes

– Does it suit my everyday style?

– Do I seriously love it?

It’s also important to choose colours that go with everything and suit your complexion, preference classic shapes, patterns and high-quality fabrics, as well as consider which cuts flatter your body shape.
Integrating the principles of a capsule wardrobe won’t happen overnight but the result is well worth it. For the sake of your bank account, stress levels and the world, taking few simple steps towards creating a more minimalist wardrobe can go a long way.