Celebrate Summer with Kids!

Summer is on her way to greet and meet us soon. Despite it is hot and humid outdoor, however, the air conditioning in malls is sometimes cold. Kids may easily catch a cold with the difference in temperature. With some help from #Yakuyiyi and #Bobdog, below are some fashion suggestions for your offspring.

50731T199-1                                                                                        Yakuyiyi Grey ‘Love Micky’ Pants

#Overalls are always a cute choice for summer! Although overalls are often made of tough material, Yakuyiyi’s grey overalls use soft textile which provide extra #comfort for youngsters. The soft and light look with the pants highlights the spirit and energy of the youthful kids. It is also easy to #mix-and-match with any tops.


Yakuyiyi Little Sailor White Tee

Which kind of look reminds you of summer? It is undoubtedly #sailor look! The anchor and the strips on the Yakuyiyi top hint a sailor style. It is stylish for matching with any bottoms. The white #ribbons at the sleeves form a refreshing summer look with the clean and simple design.



Bobdog Navy Baseball Jacket

To protect your cutie from the freezing air conditioning, it is smart to bring a jacket for your boy. The Bobdog’s multi-toned jacket is #trendy and #contemporary. The navy part makes it effortless pair with many outfits; the #camouflage peppers the look with additional manliness.

Bobdog Straight Leg Blue Jeans

#Jeans are another cosy choice for summer. This pair of straight jeans from Bobdog is light-coloured and #causal. The striped pocket and details are #unique which differentiate your sprout’s style from other kids.

Hope the above fashionable pieces can create your kids stylish summer looks!