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  • Unique designer menswear that reflects the modern stylish individual, Basique represents the forefront of the new classic look. 

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  • BVP leather bags and accessories are handmade by master artisans committed to a tradition of superior craftsmanship, superb functionality and timeless modern style. 

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  • At the core of the Herilios philosophy is a commitment to innovative design and the use of superior materials. Influenced by the way men live their lives today, Herilios is known for producing collections that are simultaneously modern and timeless.

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  • QZhihe is a classic brand for the professional modern man featuring business casual and weekend wear, which emphasizes fabric, detail and performance. Their inspiration is to create favourite pieces of clothes, that is balanced between work and leisurefabrics and fittings, style and comfort.

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  • KUEGOU provides a range of highly functional garments and is dedicated to creating high quality products and providing supreme comfort for everyday life. KUEGOU is directed at young and fashion-forward guys.

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Fresh News

It’s holiday season, here are your heroes for a good time. Which pieces would you pick?  Head to the mens section to shop now. 
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